Fry & Jenkins attends American Flint & Lime Glass Assoc. Meeting

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Publication: Crockery & Glass Journal

New York, NY, United States
vol. 84, no. 4, p. 7-9, col. 1-2


The City by the Sea Seethes with Interest for the Glass Industry. Large

Attendance by Members of the Various Organizations.


THE fortieth annual convention of the American Association of Flint and Lime Glass Manufacturers began its sessions on Monday morning at ten o'clock. Delegates began to arrive on Saturday and Sunday, and by Monday there was the largest assemblage that has taken place in Atlantic City in years. About forty were present at the preliminary meeting held at the Marlborough-Blenheim. This gathering was rather informal, and nothing definite was accomplished, the meeting being held to formulate suggestions as to what should be brought up at the regular session to follow. The discussion lasted about two hours, and the members then adjourned for luncheon at the St. Charles Hotel. The interim gave the delegates time for a dip in the ocean, and many were glad to avail themselves of the opportunity, for it was a hot day.

At one o'clock the members began to gather at the St. Charles, and at 1:30 fifty-nine manufacturers and their guests sat down to an excellent lunch. Owing to some misunderstanding it was served in the main dining room, and this interfered with the programme. It was intended to have some speeches, but the presence of the other hotel guests rendered the scheme impracticable.

At a little before three o'clock the members repaired to a large room on the ground floor, where the convention was called to order by President Gleason. He said he was much disappointed that the social feature of the meeting had been spoiled. The scope of the business part was limited, and he liked to make as much as possible of the social end. If the gentlemen who had prepared speeches would save them till next year he would promise them a hearing, as different arrangements would be made.

Secretary Kunzler then called the roll, and the following responded:

Beaver Glass Co., represented by Henry C. Fry and J. Howard Fry.

Cambridge Glass Co., Arthur J. Bennett.

Canton Glass Co., Leo Nussbaum.

Central Glass Works, John Yaeger.

Consolidated Lamp and Glass Co., James M. Lewis.

Duncan & Miller Glass Co., Andrew Miller and J. C. Rent.

Fenton Art Glass Co., J. W. Fenton.

Fostoria Glass Co., Calvin B. Roe.

H. C. Fry Glass Co., H. C. Fry and J. H. Fry.

Gill Bros. Co., J. Bieswanger and J. H. Strong.

Gleason-Tiebout Co., M. W. Gleason.

Hazel-Atlas Glass Co., C. W. McClure.

Indiana Glass Co., Frank W. Merry.

Jefferson Glass Co., C. H. Blumenauer and Harry A. Schnelbach.

Macbeth-Evans Co., Thos. Evans and Howard B. Evans.

Monongah Glass Co., Harry L. Heintzelman.

McKee Glass Co., A. J. Smith.

Phoenix Glass Co., E. P. Ebberts. J. C. Wier and Thos. McCreary.

Pittsburgh Lamp, Brass and Glass Co., J. S. Doughitt.

Ripley & Co., D. A. Ripley.

United States Glass Co., M. G. Bryce, James Challinor, Reuben Haley and G. W. Dougherty.

Williamsburgh Flint Glass Co., E. J. S. Van Houten.

Athens Glass Co., J. M. Wood.

Bartlett, Collins Co., I. Collins.

Imperial Glass Co., Victor G. Wicke.

D. C. Jenkins Glass Co., Howard C. Jenkins.

Lancaster Glass Co., L. P. Martin.

New Martinsville Glass Co., Jules Baum.

Wellington Glass Co., J. Davies.

Westmoreland Specialty Co., Geo. R. West.

Northwood Glass Co., Harry Northwood.

Rodefer Glass Co., H. C. Rodefer.

After the minutes of the last meeting had been read and approved the business of electing officers was begun, and a committee consisting of J. N. Lewis, E. J. S. Van Houten and John Yaeger was appointed to select candidates. Before they retired Mr. Gleason asked them not to consider his name. He felt that there should be a younger man. He appreciated the honor that had been given him, but he thought it would be wise to have someone else.

While the committee was out Mr. Gleason spoke of the quarterly meetings that had been held, and how beneficial they were. He attributed much of the success of the Pittsburgh meeting to Marion G. Bryce, and the Wheeling gathering to Mr. Taylor.

The Treasurer's report, the report of the Crockery Board of Trade of New York, and that of the Classification Committee, were read and approved. The latter could only report progress.

The committee on resolutions on the death of Geo. A. Macbeth reported as follows:

"It is our sad duty to record the death of Geo. A. Macbeth, a well-known and highly esteemed member, long one of our foremost manufacturers, a man whose genius and energy gave impetus in glass making, who led the way in scientific work, and whose success and attainments may well mark the goal for other manufacturers. It is our desire to give expression of sorrow in the minutes of the Association and extend our sympathy to his family and friends in their great loss."

The resolution was approved, ordered spread on the minutes, and engrossed and sent to the family.

At this point the nominating committee reported as follows:

For President, M. W. Gleason.

First vice-president, N. Kopp.

Second vice-president, W. G. Bryce.

Treasurer, E. P. Ebberts.

Secretary, John Kunzler.

Messrs. Gleason, Kopp and Bryce, together with W. F. Dorflinger and W. A. B. Dalzell, to constitute the board of directors.

In accepting the office of president, Mr. Gleason said he meant what he said when he requested that his name should not be considered. Besides thinking that a younger man would be preferable, he said his election was against the best interests of the Association. He was located so far away that he thought a Pittsburgh man would be better. But, just as he was sincere in declining a re-election, he felt he must accept the nomination as sincere on the part of the members, and therefore he would continue to do the best he could.

A somewhat lengthy and spirited debate took place when the question of "terms" was brought up. It was finally resolved that the Association reaffirm the terms now in force, viz., 30 days net, one per cent off 15 days, the resolution being carried with but one dissenting vote.


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