Neatness in Construction of telegraph poles

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegrapher

New York, NY, United States
vol. 1, no. 6, p. 60, col. 2



The accompanying cut is a faithful diagram of one of six poles recently erected on East Seneca and Washington streets, Buffalo, by the W. U. Co. We present it to our readers, through the kindness of Mr. J. D. Reid, in hopes of stimulating telegraph companies and constructors to a greater neatness in building lines, particularly through cities and large villages. The construction of some lines are a disgrace to the owners and this enterprising age! These poles are 45 feet long, diameter at the top 9 inches, arms 32 to 50 inches in length, space between arms, one foot. 39 of the 41 wires are now in use, and no cross has occurred since they were strung. They were drawn tight when the thermometer was at zero.





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