Third party landed at Asia

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Telegrapher

New York, NY, United States
vol. 1, no. 14, p. 169, col. 1-2



A CORRESPONDENT of the Berkshire (Mass.) Courier, signing himself "Cariboo," under date of San Francisco, May 15, 1865, writes as follows:

"A third party is to be landed on the Asiatic side, the duty of which will be the location of the line between the bay of Archangel Gabriel and the mouth of the Amoor River in Siberia.

"The following order was issued to-day:

" 'HEADQUARTERS, C. O. T. Expedition,

SAN FRANCISCO, May 15th, 1865.



" '1st. Major F. L. Pope is hereby assigned to duty in command of the British Columbian and Russian American exploring party, and all orders issued by him will be duly executed.

" '2d. Dr. J. T. Rothrock will report for duty to Major Pope with the rank of captain. He will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

" '3d. The party under command of Major Pope will proceed to Victoria by the steamer of the 19th of May. Written instructions will be furnished for movements beyond this point. By order of COL. CHARLES S. BURKLEY, Engineer-in-Chief,

[Official.]    GEO. M. WRIGHT, Adjutant.'

"Major Pope's party is to consist of twenty-five men, twelve of whom are already engaged, and at the present in this city, while the balance will be enlisted at Victoria, and will be composed entirely of retired employees of the Hudson Bay Company, many of whom are familiar with a portion of the country through which we are to pass. Among those who accompany this expedition are Stephen D. Field, of Stockbridge (who proposes to get ahead of his uncle in building a successful telegraph to Europe) and your correspondent, who will endeavor to give you an account of our adventures at the earliest opportunity. Major Pope has been fortunate in securing the services of Mr. Robert Birnie as a guide and adviser, he being a most excellent and trustworthy man, having been in employ of the Hudson Bay Company from boyhood, and accustomed to the various phases of the country through which we propose to travel.

"It is no more than just to Colonel Bulkley, the engineer-in-chief, as well as the subordinate officers of the expedition, to say that they have been subjected to the most vexatious hindrances and delays, through the restrictions of the directors of the Company, who, while sitting in their offices at the East, see fit to dictate inexpedient plans to men in whom they have felt sufficient confidence to place in high positions, while they now tie their hands at a time when every day's delay risks the loss of a whole season at the extreme northern section of the line. Great credit is due to Colonel Bulkley for the energy he has displayed in putting the wheels in motion amid such adverse circumstances. Richard J. Bush, formerly of Great Barrington, and more recently connected with the gallant Massachusetts 27th Regiment, holds the position of Quartermaster of the engineer corps, and will accompany Colonel Bulkley to the Northern Pacific next month. As Berkshire County is so largely represented in this expedition, we trust that our friends at home will feel a slight interest in our efforts to accomplish the great work in which we have launched out, and with the aid of Divine Providence we shall endeavor to sustain the bright name of the Old Bay State, ever foremost in the advancement of the arts, sciences, and improvements of civilization.



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