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In pursuing of authority so to do and for the purpose of winding up the affairs of the William Brunt Pottery Company, we will offer for sale at public sale on the premises in the City of East Liverpool, Ohio, at ten o'clock A. M. (legal time) on Tuesday, April 16th, 1912, the pottery plant of The William Brunt Pottery Company, bounded by Walnut, East Third and College streets, in said city, and consisting of the real estate, buildings, machinery and other fixtures appertaining thereto.

Said plant as above described has been appraised at Thirty Thousand Dollars $30,000.00 and cannot sell for less than two-thirds of that sum.

We will also offer for sale at public sale at the same time and place, the movable equipment of said plant, consisting of saggers, boards, molds, blocks and cases, tools and other appliances.

Terms of sale of plant: Cash preferred; but a reasonable time will be allowed for one-half of the purchase money; deferred payments to bear interest at six per cent per annum, and to be secured by first mortgage on said plant. All purchases of movable property shall be paid for in cash at time of sale.

This pottery has been in active operation until quite recently and is in good order and repair. An excellent opportunity is here afforded for anyone desiring to manufacture white granite, semi-porcelain, sanitary ware or electric specialties. The pottery is what is known as a seven-kiln pottery, having that number of full size ware kilns and a full complement of decorating kilns and other requirements.

The undersigned or either of the attorneys named below, will be glad to give any further information upon request. Correspondence is solicited.


W. L. SMITH, Trustees.


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