Imperial U-746 insulator on Snoqualmie line

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Publication: The Journal of Electricity, Power and Gas

San Francisco, CA, United States
p. 82



To the Editor of the JOURNAL,

Dear Sir: We beg to call your attention to an incorrect statement in the leading editorial in your May issue. In describing the power transmission plant of the Snoqualmie Falls Power Company, you stated that the transmission line is supported on Locke glass insulators. If you will look into the matter you will find that the only insulators used on this line are the Imperial high-potential insulators of the Redlands type, the same as are on the lines of the Southern California Power Company, and many others. These insulators were furnished by us and we would be obliged if you would correct your statement in your next issue.

C. S. Knowles, 7 Arch street, Boston.


Expressions of thanks are due to the writer of the above for calling attention to the misstatement referred to, and in gladly giving the widest publicity to the correction, apologies much be extended to the Imperial people for the injustice which has, through inadvertance, been done them. Sincerity of purpose in the expression of fact or of opinion is the aim of the JOURNAL above all other desires, and its columns are always open for the publication of such criticisms or corrections as are worth. ED.


Keywords:Imperial Porcelain Works : U-746 : U-935
Researcher notes:The Redlands insulator is U-746. It is possible that U-935 could have been used, too.
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Researcher:Elton Gish
Date completed:January 24, 2010 by: Elton Gish;