Ralph Gray Hemingray

Hosted a Dinner-Dance in Honor of Miss Juliette Matthews


Publication: The Daily Commonwealth

Covington, KY, United States
vol. 1, no. 42, p. 1, col. 5


The First Party of the Season

Last Night.


The party given at the residence of Mr. Ralph Hemingray, on west Fourth-st., last night, by his sister-in-law, Miss Juliette Matthews, was an elegant affair throughout. It was given in honor of the "Selects," a new dancing-club, composed of the elite of the city, and only the bon tons received invitations. It was the first one of the season, and should the rest during the icy months of winter favorably compare with it, we can safely say that our young friends who are just entering society will have a nice time. The cornet sounded the first dance at nine o'clock when the youth and beauty of the city were drawn together.

Among the lovely young ladies present were Miss Juliette Matthews, a fascinating little brunette, who looked charming in black grenadine, with cardinal trimmings and pearl ornaments; Miss Nellie Morris, one of the handsomest ladies in the room, wore a Paris muslin dress with pink silk underskirt, coral ornaments; Miss May Lovell was attired in a handsome black silk with pink trimming and pearl ornaments; Miss Allie Morgan a very pretty blonde, was dressed in ocru and navy blue silk, with diamond ornaments; Miss Lulu Pearce looked "as pretty as a picture" in a black velvet dress and coral ornaments; Miss Katie Hall was elegantly and tastefully attired in a black silk, Paris muslin overskirt, with sleeveless sacque, corals; Miss Nellie Vandervonter, of Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, an interesting and stylish young lady, was dressed in a pink and stripped grenadine, trimmed with pink silk, diamonds; Miss Hallie Wood was captivating in a gold-colored satin, trimmed with black lace, pearls; Miss Kate Gray was lovely as usual in grenadine, with a brown silk overskirt, pearl ornaments; Miss Brent, of Lexington, was arrayed in a black silk, with natural flowers; Miss Lulu Jennings wore a tasteful Paris muslin, with sleeveless jacket and cardinal trimmings.

The following young gentlemen, who are members of the club, were present: Dillard Cooper, Edward Ernst, Belle Herndon, George Bruce, Ed. Botsford, Greor Simrall, John Simrall, Dan Hemingray, Henry Crawford, Dick Evans, Will. Dohrman, John Casey, Roub. Miller, and Ovid Phillips.

An elegant supper was spread about 12 o'clock, which was heartily enjoyed by all present. After supper dancing was again indulged in and kept up until the morning began to dawn, when the guests took their departure from the scene of as pleasant a meeting as Covington society has ever enjoyed. The music was furnished by Prof. Feine, of Newport.


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