Marksmen Shoot at Glass Balls


Publication: The Daily Commonwealth

Covington, KY, United States
vol. I, no. 303, p. 1, col. 3


THE shooting match announced for yesterday afternoon took place as expected, and that particular one was followed by several others. Jack Schaller shot seven pigeons out of twelve on a wager with Ben. Trenkamp that he would wing at least ten. A glass ball match between Dick McGraw and George Arlinghaus resulted in victory for the former by the close and immortal score of eight to seven.


Keywords:Hemingray Glass Company : Target Balls
Researcher notes:Glass balls are know to have been made at the Hemingray Glass Company.
Supplemental information:Reference to Hemingray target ball Article: 5021 Additional references to target balls Articles: 5022, 7056
Researcher:Bob Stahr
Date completed:April 18, 2007 by: Glenn Drummond;