California Glass Company has resumed operations

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Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 32, no. 34, p. 12, col. 1


Will Erect a New Ten-Ring Tank at Long

Beach An Interesting Report.

Long Beach, Cal., May 18. The California Glasss Co.'s plant has again resumed operations and has been doing nicely since it started on April 21. Prospects are bright for steady work in this plant hereafter. There are three machines working, two air-head insulator machines and an O'Neill narrow mouth bottle machine. The latter is being operated by S. A. Maul, W. B. Flynn and Geo. Graham on one shift and Frank Evans, I. W. Miller and Jos. Ault on the other.

On the insulator machines are Edward Mills, Garrett Ford, Wm. Palmer, R. Ford, Roy Beebe, Theodore Heydrich, Jacob Heckler and Joseph Haskins.

Branch No. 84 is again reorganized and the officers for the ensuing year are G. Ford, president; Wm. Palmer, vice president; S. A. Maul, financial secretary; Frank Evans, recording secretary; Joseph Ault, treasurer.

Executive member Frank O'Neill attended our last regular meeting and after the regular order of business was transacted we held a social session and smoker with good cigars, refreshments, singing, and music.

This city is 18 miles from Los Angeles and fronts the Pacific ocean. It has a bathing beach second to none except Atlantic City. There are all kinds of amusements here on "The Pike," which is the boardwalk. The population is mostly tourists both in the winter and summer. There is never any cold weather here, but in the summer there is always a cool breeze from the sea, which makes it pleasant to work in the factory, which is up to date in every respect.

It is located about half a mile from the beach and on a clear day the island of Santa Catalina can be plainly seen from the footbench. It is 30 miles out in the Pacific and a great mecca for tourists from Long Beach. The fare out to the island and return is 75 cents, and most of the boys have taken advantage of the delightful trip.

Chas. C. Eshelman, formerly of Chicago Heights, Ill., is the manager here and he is rounding affairs into proper shape. Elmer Greenwood is looking after the mold shop. The firm have given out that they will build a new ten-ring tank this summer and it will be equipped with narrow neck and Teeple machines. They will also run the tank they have at present.

Edw. Mills is the crack rifle shot here. All the shooting galleries on "The Pike" take in their signs when they see Eddie coming, for he has copped off many valuable prizes. Catalina.


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