California Glass Company shuts down, will resume in September

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 32, no. 45, p. 6, col. 1-4


Trade Report From the Golden West.

Long Beach Factory Will Resume

Sept. 1 Notes and Personals.

Long Beach, Cal. Aug 15. The California Glass Co.'s plant closed down on July 31 after a steady run since April 21 and will resume again about Sept. 1 after making a number of improvements. Judging from all appearances this firm is in the game for keeps.

Our manager, C. L. Eshelman, states that he will do all in his power to furnish proper facilities to enable the men to get out a better production and with his assistants, Uncle Jake Webb and Jack Evans, on the job we believe everything will be O.K.

This is the most desireable climate in the world never too hot or too cold. We have flowers, fruits and palms in abundance, bathing beach and all kinds of amusements that can be found in the average up to date summer resort.

The members of Branch No. 84 held their first annual picnic on Aug. 4. With their friends they met at the new Schuyler Hotel at 7 a.m., where four big touring cars of the six-cylinder type carried them to Redondo Beach, another resort 20 miles from here, where we spent the day bathing and dancing. The swings, toboggans and all other amusements were well patronized. Dinner and supper were served at the Redonda Hotel and all the tables were decorated with carnations. A seven-course French dinner was served and was highly enjoyed by all.

Richard Tracy, of Fairmount, Ind., was a guest of the Branch and said our picnic was the best he ever attended. He showed some clever work on the flying rings in the plungs. The boys were very sorry to see him depart for the east, as he made many friends in the Golden West and Long Beach in particular, and may he soon be back here in the land of sunshine and flowers.

Some of the others present included Al Hamilton, of 'Frisco; Art Maule, George Graham, Dad Beale, Wm. Flynn, Dick Tracy, Jos. Cousins, Jos. Ault, John Young, Lee Miller, Harry Haskins, Roy Beebe and several invited friends of members of the Branch. It is to be hoped that next year we will have more members and a larger picnic.

Art Maule and George Graham have left for Terre Haute, Ind. John and Dad Beale have gone to 'Frisco Ernest Ballanger will go to San Francisco the latter part of this month. --Billy Flynn and Jos. Ault will stay here in Long Beach and enjoy surf bathing. Jos. Cousins has gone to San Diege to visit his sister.

Bert Marquis, one of our moldmakers, has gone to Santa Barbara. Elmer Irwin is still on the job getting affairs in shape for the coming blast.

Frank Evans has purchased a new home in the east end of town.

The stork visited Harry Haskins recently and left a ten-pound girl.

Lee Miller and wife will spend some time visiting friends in Los Angeles and Santiago. Catalina.


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