Gayner Glass Works, Salem, New Jersey

Glass Affairs at Salem, Gayner Running Plant with Same Roster

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 32, no. 52, p. 9, col. 1-2

Glass Affairs at Salem.

Salem, N. J., Sept. 24. - Glass trade affairs are beginning to loom up. Shipments have been much better the last ten days at both plants. Gayner is running his plant with about the same roster as last year; two jar pressers, one shop on small ware, two shops on grape juice, one carboy shop and a battery jar shop, all working two shifts. There are no orders on hand for ware made by the jericho shops, according to report.

At the Salem Glass Works they have only one furnace in operation. The shops are making a miscellaneous line of ware. They have fire under their big tank which will start in eight or ten days. The last week's shipments have made quite a hole in their stock.

Things are very quiet in Salem now, but all anticipate a general resumption by the middle of next month.

Branch No. 6 elected and installed the following officers last Saturday night: Frank Summers, president; Wm. Penton, vice president; John Eagen, recording secretary; Gervas Stratton, financial secretary; Charles Reeves, treasurer; Wm. Penton, Frank Summers, Wm. Hall, John Eagen, legislative committee.

Executive Officers F. N. Edwards, of G.B.B.A., and Frank Kreisler of the Flints, were in Salem last Saturday night on a business mission. - Fort Mott.


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