Russia's New Glass Products; Insulators Listed

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 34, no. 34, p. 3, col. 3-4


The general mobilization of Russian national industries includes the Russian glass industry, which last year accepted the somewhat difficult but grateful task of changing the manufacture of many articles in the glass line to the production of what had hitherto been obtained chiefly from Germany, the want of which, with the cessation of the importation, had been felt very keenly. Among the goods, the scarcity of which was particularly felt, was the Jena glass for thermometers, capillary vessels, optical glass, glass insulators, projector mirrors for the war department, glass for ship lights, etc. At present the position of business are the preparation of all these goods which are new to the Russian glass industry, according to the report of the Council of the Congress of Russian Glass Manufacturers, is as follows: With Jena glass for thermometers, capillary vessels, etc., the Russian factories have been quite successful, and last year, in the matter of thermometers, etc., Russian industry completely emancipated itself from dependence on Germany. In the matter of preparing glass insulators, both for low and high pressure current, the Russian factories last year were so successful that there is every reason to maintain that glass as an insulating material will, in the near future, become very extensively used. The preparation of projectors for military purposes, which the plate glass factories undertook with great energy, presented on its merits many new and technical difficulties. Nevertheless, now, the factories interested have achieved satisfactory results, and there is full hope in early emancipation from dependence on foreigners here also. With respect to the making of glass for ship lamps, notwithstanding the great technical difficulties presented in consequence of the lack of suitable equipment, the question of making this glass has been completely solved. The manufacture of optical glass presented somewhat greater difficulties. However, judging by the assiduity with which the Imperial Glass Factory is dealing with this problem, and by some results already obtained in this direction, there is reason to hope that in the near future, says a Petrograd journal, "we shall have established our independence in the production of this glass also." The usual work of the glass factories has been largely directed towards the production of pharmaceutical and medical vessels for the use of hospitals, etc. London Pottery Gazette.


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