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Publication: The Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Long Beach Lands a Big Glass Concern.

Chamber of Commerce Brings

About Its Location.

Two Thousand Michigan People Enjoy Outing.


LONG BEACH, Sept. 23. - Following the successful close of negotiations which have extended over four months, the Chamber of Commerce today made the announcement that it had secured for Long Beach a glass factory, for which machinery is now being purchased in the East. Building will be commenced as soon as bids can be secured and the factory will be in full operation February 1.

The corporation is known as the California Glass Insulator Company and comprises among its officers and directors Los Angeles business men. The officers and directors are Jules Kauffman, president; E. H. Fosdick, vice-president; John Morris, treasurer; Stanley Stonaker, secretary; Robert P. Frist, general manager; and directors, John Orth, Arthur G. Munn, William Schrade. Manager Frisk is an experienced glass man with twenty years experience in the business.

The Chamber of Commerce secured a site of ten acres for the factory at the corner of Hayes and Anaheim avenues on the inner harbor and agreed to pay for the cost of a spur track connecting the factory with the Pacific Electric.

The plant is to be built in units taking in the pressed ware, hollow ware and plate glass branches. The initial investment will be $45,000, the company beginning the manufacture of pressed ware such as insulators, prisms, sidewalk lights, and electric light shades, and will employ fifty men. This will be followed by the blowing or hollow ware department, employing 150 men, and then the window plate department manufacturing exclusively the reinforced wire glass under a new process which will reduce the cost 33 per cent. The company will secure its silica sand from a high grade deposit recently discovered on the Bixby ranch at Horseshoe Bend in Orange county and said to be the only deposit west of the Rocky Mountains. Other factories rely upon shipments from Belgium and Indiana.

This is the first big enterprise actually secured since the acquisition of the Craig ship plant and the Chamber of Commerce directors are highly elated today over the deal. All papers are in escrow and the factory is said to be an absolute certainty.

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