American Flint Glass Workers' Union

Members of the Executive Committee - Candidates for National Aduitors

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 33, no. 30, p. 104, col. 1



Men Chosen From the Various Departments

of the A. F. G. W. U. Announced by The

Glassworker List of Candidates for National



Today marks the beginning of the terms of office of the following recently elected executive members of the American Flint Glass Workers' Union:

Press Harry Cook, Wm. Leonard, Wm. Gardner, H. H. Heatherington, Chas. Degenhart, Herman Richter.

Cutting V. J. Aque, Thos. F. Ray, Henry S. Davis, Walter Dimmick, John Solby, Wm. Malcolm.

Chimney Wm. Shay, John Arnstrong, Geo. E. Snyder, Harvey McShaffrey, Aug. Huber, John W. Vogel.

Electric Bulb Edw. Armstrong, Fred Wolf, Joseph Dietsche, Harry Dermer.

Moldmaking Samuel G. Becker, Roy M. Levis, S. G. V. Roeper, Geo. Rice, Walter Leach.

Paste Mold Thos. Brown, Fred Hartman, Samuel Clulo, Fred Mullen, George Lobody, John M. Gregory.

Caster Place Bert Murrin, Geo. Barner, Jos. Schachern, Michael H. Zeiser, Frank Aberle, Harry Flaherty.

Iron Mold Geo. W. Roehe, Geo. Applegarth, John F. Carbrey, Wm. A. Madden, Chas. Grant, James Kelley.

Shade and Globe A. Gilles, Sr., C. A. Crosson, Jacob Maier, Peter Holzinger, John Sephton.

Machine Press David Jones, Horace McDaniels, Chas. Horni.

Punch and Stemwae Thos. Defibaugh, Ralph Fousse, Jack Nye, A. J. Devine, Fred Sarsfield.

Engraving F. C. Dickens.

Insulator Cyrus Herron.

Canadian Executive William Black.

Stoppering Department Chas. E. Donley.

Libengood Department Daniel Ellis.

The election for national auditing committee occurs this month. Three are to be elected, and they must be from different departments. The entire trade shall vote at this election. Votes are to be sent to Assistant Secretary Chas. Shipman. Following is the list of candidates:

Press Ware Department L. U. No. 2, John Cole; 13, D. H. Jones; 16, Chas. F. Hassner; 30, Jas. J. McKay; 34, James J. Ebberts; 51, Bert Dudley; 65, Wm. Prosser; 74, O. B. Coffman; 107, Chas. Brinkman.

Moldmaking Department L. U. No. 53, Clyde F. Schwaner; 59, B. H. Rubrecht; 67, Roy M. Lewis.

Iron Mold L. U. No. 8, Geo. W. Roche; 54, David Anderson; 60, Harry Motts; 73, P. Kanzler.

Paste Mold L. U. No. 10, Chas. Morningstar; 15, Harry Craig; 86, Geo. Lobody.

Shade and Globe L. U. No. 64, C. A. Crosson.

Chimney L. U. No. 3, John Rosenberger; 26, Warren Martin; 47, John Fishbaugh.

Cutting L. U. No. 68, Peter J. Hinchberger; 78, Edw. Brown; 78, Charles H. Portman.

Punch Tumbler and Stemware L. U. No. 9, Thos. Defibaugh; 82, Thos. Lennox; 97, E. C. Miller; 101, J. W. Weibel; 125, Victor Fousse, Jr.

Caster Place L. U. No. 19, James Coen; 25, Jos. Schaehern, Sr., 41, Frank R. Dougherty.

Insulator L. U. No. 25, A. H. Barth.

Electric Bulb L. U. No. 44, Chas. Ryan,


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