American Flint Glass Workers' Union & Green Glass Bottle Blowers' Association Conventions, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1903

Samuel Gompers' Address to the Green Glass Bottle Blowers' Association


Publication: The Kentucky Post

Covington, KY, United States
no. 3952, p. 2, col. 2




President Samuel Gompers, of the A. F. of L., who addressed the Glass Bottle Blowers' Association convention at G. A. R. Hall Thursday night, was the guest of the Executive Board of the International Union of Brewery Workmen at Faust's Cafe, on Vine Street. Framed and engrossed testimonials were presented by the U. B. W. to Joseph Valentine, Vice President of the Iron Workers' Union of North America; A. F. of L. Organizer Frank L Rist, and President Hubert S. Marshall, of the C. L. C., for work in settling the brewery lockout. Gompers made the presentation speech.

Gompers urged the Glass Bottle Blowers to work as closely as possible in harmony with other organizations of the craft for their mutual interest. He said that on the whole the labor situation is satisfactory. Factories are working full time with plenty of orders ahead. He said that politics should not enter into the labor movement, which stands for shorter work days, higher wages, more sanitary conditions, and the abolition of child labor.


Gompers ignored the convention of the American Flint Glass Workers' Union in convention at Odd Fellows' Temple, as it recently withdrew from the A. F. of L. He left for Chicago at 8:30 p.m.

The Glass Bottle Blowers donated $1,000 to the locked-out British Glass Workers.

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