American Flint Glass Workers' Union & Green Glass Bottle Blowers' Association Conventions, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1903

J. J. Rudge to Address the Flint Glass Workers


Publication: The Kentucky Post

Covington, KY, United States
no. 3948, p. 2, col. 3 - 4



Glassworkers on Monday Welcomed

J. J. Rudge, Grand Secretary of

English Branch

President Samuel Gompers, of the A. F. of L., will be in Cincinnati Wednesday or Thursday, to address the two conventions of glassworkers, now in session. He has written A. F. of L. Organizer F. L. Rist that he will address the Retail Clerks' international convention, at Zanesville, and come to Cincinnati on his way back to Washington.

Led by a brass band the American Flint Glassworkers' Union and Glass Bottle Blowers' Association, both of which are in convention in Cincinnati marched to the :Pennsylvania Depot Monday to meet J. J. Rudge, Grand Secretary of the National Flint Glassmakers' Society, of Great Britain and Ireland, who came as a fraternal delegate.

The Flint Glassworkers' Union has been in session a week at Odd Fellows' Temple. The Bottle Blowers convened Monday at G. A. R. Hall, on Sixth Street. Denis Hayes is President, and Wm. Launer, Secretary, both of Philadelphia. The convention will discuss child labor, the effect of machines, the wage scale, and a closer affiliation with the Flint Glassworkers' Union.

Rudge was escorted to the Odd Fellows' Temple for an informal reception, and then went to the Burnet House. He will address the convention Tuesday.

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