Bradford Shinkle, Jr.

Entertains a Group of Friends


Publication: The Kentucky Post

Covington, KY, United States
no. 3805, p. 8, col. 2


Bradford Shinkle, Jr., entertained his young friends with a very charming party Saturday evening at his home, on East Second Street. Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Shinkle and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Shinkle assisted the young host in dispensing hospitalities during the evening. A very unique and interesting guessing contest was the amusement offered the merry guests, among whom were Misses Helen Southgate, Marguertie Buchanan, Dorothy Abbott, Marguerite Ernst, Jane Martin, Louise Simrall, Emily Woodall, Verner Curry, Sarah Ernst, Virginia Martin, Eleanor Grant, Elizabeth Simrall, Elsie Hunt, Messrs. John Warner, Sam Finnell, Anderson Wood, Chester Eaton, Hiram Quackenbush, Louis Hood, Douglas Warner, Bernard Gaines, Chase Bradley, Fenley Hunter, Brent Woodall, Willy Bruehl, Jules Grant. Exquisite trophies were awarded Misses Louise Simrall, Jane Martin, Marguerite Buchanan, Marguerite Ernst, Messrs. Willy Bruehl, Sam Finnell, John Warner, and Anderson Wood.

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