Gayner Glass Works, Salem, New Jersey

Increases Capacity to Improve Battery Jar Manufacture

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Glass Industry

New York, NY, United States
vol. 1, no. 2, p. 53, col. 2

J. William Gayner, vice-president, Gayner Glass Works, Bridgeton, N. J., reports that his company has made large additions to their plant to take care of the growing demand for glass battery jars. They are installing the most modern automatic machinery to make this line of ware. Mr. Gayner states that during the last 25 years through which they have been serving the electric trade, the shapes and styles for glass battery jars have changed very materially, and the Gayner Glass Works has developed with them, its engineering force aiding from time to time with new designs for the storage battery trade. The company now makes battery jars weighing from 3 ounces up to 25 pounds.


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