Report on Batchelder insulator patent #8,418

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Scientific American

New York, NY, United States
vol. 7, no. 6, p. 46, col. 1


Issued from the United States Patent Office.

For the week ending October 14, 1851.

To J. M. Batchelder, of Cambridge, Mass., for improvement in insulators for telegraph wire.

I claim the re-entering angle at or near the base of the cup, as described, for the purpose of giving the wind a direction downwards, thereby preventing the rain that is driven by the wind from entering the cavity of the cup.

I also claim the annual disk or washer, supported upon the centre shank, or rod, and so placed within or at the open or lower end of the inverted cup, as to prevent the free access of wind and rain to the inside of the cup.

I do not claim the mode of imbedding the shank in glass cast around it, but I claim the application of the enamel, or glazing of porcelain, glass, or other vitrified non-conducting material, to a surface of metal, when the same is used for insulating the wires of the electric telegraph.


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