Connector loops for Hewlett suspension insulators

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical World

New York, NY, United States
vol. 73, no. 12, p. 609, col. 2

Connector Loops for Suspension Insulators


While the link type of insulator, typified by the Hewlett insulator, has always been attractive, it has not received as extensive use as might exist because the devices for connecting the disks have not quite met practical requirements. Lately, however, the Maxwell Engineering & Manufacturing Company, 61 Broadway, New York City, has developed a fitting, illustrated herewith, which it claims overcomes this limitation. It consists of a flexible steel connector loop with upset ends which are gripped in a split clamp in such a manner that the greater the load the more firmly the ends are gripped. The sections of the split clamp are held together by a bolt and nut which is easily accessible even when the units are assembled. Because of these features it should be possible to assemble link-type insulator units quickly or even replace a unit in a string. In this type of insulator all stressed parts are in compression instead of tension, so that the danger of rupturing is greatly lessened.


Upset Ends of Connectors Can Be Securely Held in Clamp.



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