Daniel Carroll Hemingray

Silver Collection Found in Vault of First National Bank, Covington, Kentucky


Publication: The Kentucky Post

Covington, KY, United States
col. 6

Hemingray silver

story still grows


As new sidelights are reported interest grows in the Hemingray silver discovered in the vault of the First National Bank & Trust Co., Covington, and in the Champagne Coffee Benefit it inspired Friends of Comprehensive Care to sponsor.

Gil Kingsbury researched the background of Daniel Carroll Hemingray, owner of the silver, and uncovered facts concerning the circumstances of his death in a story on page one, Kentucky Post, Dec. 14, 1911.

Secretary and treasurer of the Hemingray Glass Co., Covington, Ky., and Muncie, Ind., Hemingray, 54, of Glendale, died after a short illness at the Queen City Club.

The son of Robert Hemingray, Daniel Hemingray was born in Covington. Following graduation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he joined his father and brother, Robert [spell: L.: C.] Hemingray in the business.

Mr. Hemingray was at one time a member of the Covington Water Works Board. Until 1900 he and his wife, the former Clara Keck, lived in Covington. Besides his brother, he was survived by his widow, and two sisters, Mrs. Bradford Shinkle and Mrs. W. H. Felix, of Childsburg, Ky. Services were held in Highland Cemetery Chapel.

The Champagne Coffee is planned Aug. 21 at Ft. Mitchell Country Club. Tickets are priced at $3 and reservations are being accepted by Mrs. Sam. Rees.

Arrangements have been made for the Ft. Mitchell police to pick up the silver at the bank to deliver it to the club, where there will be two county patrolman, one of them a woman, on guard during the day.

Crowd control roping and stands will be in place to discourage visitors from handling the silver.

The committee hopes to have on display pieces of Hemingray glass which are collector items.

There will also be an exhibit of heirloom silver on loan from private individuals.

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Researcher notes:Note also that Daniel's brother's name was Robert Carroll Hemingray (not "L."); furthermore it should be noted that his oldest brother, Ralph Gray Hemingray was the heir apparent.
Also note that Glenn and Sandra Drummond with John Webster displayed glass manufactured by the Hemingray Glass Company at this event. Glenn and Sandra displayed "1871" and "H. G. Co." insulators; John displayed jars and bottles.
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