Strike at Lima factory


Publication: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Rochester, NY, United States


Men Employed at Insulator Works Want

Higher Wages


Lima, March 23. - There is a strike on at the Lima Insulator Works here. The men have been dissatisfied for some time, and this feeling came to a culmination Tuesday, when a committee of three of the men was sent to the office to talk with the manager. This committee, as the members claim, was not allowed to state its wishes, and on their reporting to the rest of the men, the whole working force left in a body Tuesday forenoon.

They sent a paper stating their demands to the manager which was, in substance, as follows: First, that all men be taken back to work; second, that a new scale of wages, somewhat higher than the present one, go into effect May 1st.

The strike is still unsettled, the management having, so far, ignored the demands of the men. The plant has been in operation since last fall, having only recently been built.

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