Lima worker struck by falling insulators


Publication: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Rochester, NY, United States



Lima Italian's Scalp Torn;

Other Injuries.


Lima, Jan. 25. - Agusto Antonelli, a workman at the Locke Insulator Works on the outskirts of this village, was painfully injured shortly after noon to-day. Antonelli was loading a kiln with insulators when they tumbled over on top of him. Fellow employees rushed to his assistance and dragged him from under the heavy mass. He was unconscious.

Dr. J. D. Guinen, the company's physician, and Dr. J. A. McKenzie, both of Lima, were called. The injured man was taken to the office of the latter and fourteen stitches were taken in his scalp. Dr. McKensie said it was the worst case of scalp laceration he had ever seen. Antonelli's face also was cut and one of his shoulders was badly bruised. Later he was taken to his home in East Main street.

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