Strike at Valverde mentioned

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Seventh Biennial Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the State of Colorado

Denver, CO, United States
p. 191, col. 1


The strikes and kindred labor troubles which have taken place in the state during this biennial period are matters in which the public are much interested. During the year 1899 thirty-four strikes occurred in the state. In this enumeration the smelter strikes at Denver, Durango, Pueblo and Leadville are considered separately. In the year 1900, up to November, thirty-three strikes have been recorded. Some of these were comparatively unimportant and but little space is devoted to them.

There have been two boycotts declared, that of the telegraphers against the Colorado & Southern Railroad Company, and the one against the Tabor and Broadway theaters, by the stage employes and the Denver Trades Assembly. Both of these boycotts were sustained and endorsed by the State Federation of Labor. Several of these strikes have embraced features of the boycott or the lockout. The following is a condensed statement of every strike or related trouble of any importance in the state, together with the more important facts in connection with it.

February 20, twenty-six boys employed in the Valverde glass works struck for an advance in wages of from 25 to 50 cents a day. The manager granted the demands of the boys, and after one day the strike was declared off.


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