Local Suits Entered, Samuel Oakman vs. William B. Baldwin


Publication: The North Adams Evening Transcript

North Adams, MA, United States
vol. 4, no. 87, p. 5, col. 3


And a Williamstown Case in Superior

Court. Today's Calendar.


Thwe [sic] The June sitting of the superior court was resumed before Judge Aiken yesterday morning at 11 o'clock. The jurors were duly sworn and the first case up for consideration was that of Sarah McClen of Williamstown against Darwin E. Lyman, administrator, of Cummington. This suit is brought to recover a bill of $255 for services rendered a brother, Albert Reed, who formerly lived in Cummington. It appeared that he staid at her house some six weeks and the plaintiff claims his wife agreed to settle the bill. She died and therefore the suit was brought against her adminitrator. Sanford Tenney of Williamstown is counsel for the plaintiff, while lawyer Addis of Northampton represents the defendent. When Mr. Addis has finished his arguement at 4:45, the jury was discharged for the day.

In the divorce court, Leona Colombe, now of Haverhill and formerly of this city, was given a decree nisi from George Colombe of this city for drunkeness, cruelty and adultery. The custody of the children is given to the mother. Orah E. Gray of this city was divorced from Sydney L. Gray for cruelty. Merritt H. Tower of this city was granted a divorce from Minnie M. Tower for adultery. The contest was withdrawn. Judge Aiken will hear divorce cases after the regular court hours every evening this week.

The case of Irving M. Curtis, son of Edward W. Curtis, against the twon of Sheffield, was taken up. Curtis is the man, who was sued for libel by Judge Sanford of the Great Barrington district court, the jury giving a verdict of $300. The defendant was his own attorney. He has entered some exceptions which have not yet been acted upon.

The case has been pending for about five years and, epitomized, is that he wants $5000 because the school authorities of Sheffield "fired" his son from school. It appears that several years ago two neighbors of his decided that they wanted their children to attend another school of the same grade, but in a different district. The ostensible reason was merely a change of teachers. The school committee ordered them to go back to their own school and they went.

The plaintiff, Curtis, was non-suited, the non-suit to be removed if the plaintiff shall pay before August 1 the fees of the defendant's witnesses for today. The fees amount to $56.80. The case attracted much attention through the county.

Here is the trial list for today: Mary Loftus against Martin H. Loftus, et. al., W. T. Willoson et. al., against Maria S. Southwick; Samuel Oakman against William B. Baldwin, et. al., Henry Green against Charles L. Funk, George T. Wilson, et. al., against Ernest L. Crandall; Gormally and Jeffrey Manufacturing company against Harry Graves. John J. Hibbard against inhabitants of Pittsfield; Henry M. Farrell against Albert N. Couch; William Dunn against Jonathan Backus, appt : Patrick Bossidy against inhabitants of Lee.


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