Filed for Divorce, Oakman's daughter


Publication: The North Adams Evening Transcript

North Adams, MA, United States
vol. 1, no. 297, p. 3, col. 5

Mrs. Newton Seeks a Divorce.


A suit for divorce and permission to assume her maiden name has been started by Mrs. Anna Cadle Newton of Greenfield against Frederick Hale Newton of Holyoke.

Mr. and Mrs. Newton were married in London, September 18, 1890. The marriage was witnessed by Mrs. Oakman, mother of Mrs. Newton, and Edward T. Newton, brother of F. H. Newton. Mrs. Newton is the daughter of Mr. Oakman of Greenfield, a prominent manufacturer. The defendant in the case is the son of James H. Newton of the Wauregan and Norman paper companies of Holyoke, and Mr. Newton is now in the office of the Norman paper company. When this company was started he was the agent and held this position for over a until he went to Ophir, Col., to take charge of a mining enterprise. He returned to Holyoke several months ago and took a place in the Norman paper company.

The plaintiff alleges that Mr. Newton has not conducted himself properly and in the libel alleges improper and cruel action at several times and places. The case is an interesting one from the standing of the parties involved. Mr. Newton has occupied a good position through his family and business connections and has been one of the leading spirits of a coterie of young men who have aimed at a "good time" in life. He is generous and popular among his associates.


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