Fry closed on Friday

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 35, no. 40, p. 13, col. 1

To Make Extensive Repairs.

Rochester, Pa., July 3. — The H. C. Fry Glass Co. closed Saturday, June 30, and will resume in full July 23, as there are so many repairs to be made we get a week more rest than the Valley, as they are going to resume July 16.

Weall had a very nice run this fire, and here is hoping that next fire will be as good.

Some of the brothers of L.U. No. 25 have started on their vacations.

James Meyers, a beaker gatherer, left here Sunday and was married in Cumberland, Monday, July 2.

Tony Stenger, a paste mold blower of the Valley, left here Saturday night for Vineland, N. J., where he is to take unto himself a helpmate. We all hope their troubles may be little ones.

Chas. Spratley and family are sojourning at Niles, O., with relatives for a week or more.

Joe Bawanas is leaving for Atlantic City July 5, where he is to remain for a week and then to spend a week at Coney Island.

Our worthy recording secretary, Bro. Oscar Epstead, is going to Put-in-Bay.

Bros. Meno and Yowho, beaker, blowers, are fishing down at the breakers. Up to this time they have not had a bite, but they had a nibble.

Dad Robeson has gone to visit his old friends in Ohio.

Arthur Hughes had the misfortune of losing his little girl, June 6. He has the sympathy of the Local.

The stork visited Wm. Meno June 13 and left a nice big girl. Both mother and child are doing fine. Pass the smokes, Bill.

All the rest of the boys seem to be busy with their gardens.

Here's wishing our convention to be the best ever held. —Optim.


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