Michael Nestor

Attack by Small Boy Results in Close Call and Injuries

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Commoner and Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Michael Nestor's Close Call.


The Denver (Col.) Post fully describes the recent assault made on Michael Nestor at the Valverde glass works in Denver several days ago by a small boy employed in the works. The lad's name is John Kirkendall, and he was found idling around the place by Mr. Nestor, who ordered him to stop smoking a cigarette and go to work, to which order he paid little or no attention. Soon afterward Mr. Nestor found the lad again smoking and leaving his work unattended and he at once turned to call another boy to take Kirkendall's place when the latter quickly grasped a blowpipe covered with molten glass on one end and struck Mr. Nestor. At the first blow the glass sputtered over the coat and on Mr. Nestor's neck, but as he turned the boy made another terrible swing; the fiery glass was thrown against the man's face and neck making some terrible burns and just missing the jugular vein, which would have meant instant death.

Mr. Nestor has now recovered sufficiently to attend to his duties as manager of the works.


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