Western Glass Manufacturing Company, Denver, Colorado

Purchased Silica Sand From Pike Brothers & Company, Morrison, Colorado

[Trade Journal]

Publication: National Glass Budget

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 22, no. 35, p. 6, col. 4


A report from Morrison, Col., is to the effect that Pike Brothers & Co., of that place, have just closed a contract with the Western Glass Co., of Denver, to supply 300 tons of silica sand a month to the glass company's works at Valverde, near Denver. The report conveys the impression that the sand in question is of an exceptionally fine quality and that it is obtainable in almost inexhaustible quantities. Inasmuch as 300 tons of sand would bury the little Valverde factory so deep that it would never be likely to see the light of day, the statement from Morrison had best be taken with several grains of salt.


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