Miss Irene Smith - Baseball Umpire

Called Game for Hemingray Glass Company Team


Publication: The Syracuse Herald

Syracuse, NY, United States
p. 12, col. 6



A Muncie, Ind., young woman, Miss Irene Smith, who is yet in her teens, is seeking a new field of fame for women by umpiring baseball games.

Not only is she an umpire, but she is so good at it that the players who have once employed her will have no other. She exerts, it is asserted, a softening influence.

She began her career as umpire only a few days ago in a game between a nine from the Hemingray glass factory and a picked team and did so well that she was encouraged to continue in her work. The Hemingrays were easy victors in the game, but there were several close decisions in which the fair umpire or is it umpires? used fine judgment.

But even so, some of the players were inclined to talk back, whereupon Miss Smith, so the rooters say, promptly told the offending ones where to "head in," and they promptly headed that way without more ado.

And if anybody thinks Miss Smith is a green one, he has a right to another thought. He astonishing knowledge of the rules of the game fairly paralyzes the players.

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