George Cutter bell arc insulator

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Publication: The Electrical Engineer

New York, NY, United States
vol. 17, no. 314, p. 422, col. 1

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Most arc lamp users have felt the need of a good device for insulating the frame of the lamps from the hoisting rope or the supporting arm, so as to reduce the chances for grounds in wet weather. Many of the existing arc insulators and break insulators are readily covered with a film of moisture on rainy days, and therefore George Cutter, of Chicago, has devised a new form which seems to avoid this source of trouble. Our illustration shows the new type which is only twice the size of the cut. The insulator proper is made of hard rubber which is less likely than glass to have a film of moisture form on its surface. The double petticoat gives a good water drip, so that the moisture cannot readily creep across the lower surface. All parts are designed for ample strength, the eye at the top and the snap-hook at the bottom being threaded into bushings which are moulded directly into the rubber. The whole device seems well suited to the needs of the case and Mr. Cutter is already finding a good market for it.


Cutter's Arc Insulator.
Cutter's Arc Insulator.



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