Started factory Wednesday, makes carboys and insulators


Publication: The North Adams Evening Transcript

North Adams, MA, United States
vol. 3, no. 87, p. 1, col. 2


The New Industries That Started

Wednesday Morning.


The Oakman Glass Manufacturing company, a promising industry, which started Wednesday, will be only manufactory of the kind in New England. This firm consists of New York, Boston and local capitalists. They have expended some $10,000 upon this plant which is near to the station where the martial needed for the manufactory of screw top carboys, insulators and demijohns can be handled with facility. Some 25 hands all told, will be employed to run the present works for the making of cowboys [sic] carboys and insulators.

Samuel Oakman, the principal in the new company, and having 30 years experience in the business, has the sole right to this screw top make of carboys. This kind of top is superior to any other, as acids are transferred in them which can be used with much more convenience than when sealing would be necessary. Insulators are made for Mr. Oakman by other firms, they paying him a royalty, he having a patent upon three different makes.

This line of goods may be made at this place regularly or in full for the trade later. The melting process will be with fuel oil or petroleum obtained from Ohio. There are two tank furnaces, three ovens for annealing, one finishing furnace and one heating furnace. The process of making glass is best known when seen, and the most complete apparatus and of the modern principles are at these rooms, new machinery, etc. Mr. Oakman has a finely equipped private office off of these rooms.


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