Glassworkers' Unions Meet to Discuss Wage Scales

Four Trade Unions Meet the Same Week


Publication: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Brooklyn, NY, United States
vol. 48, no. 188, p. 9, col. 2


Four Meetings of the Craft to Discuss

the Subject.


PITTSBURG, Pa., July 7.

Next week will be one of especial importance to the workers in the different classes of glass factories. Four annual meetings are to be held, at each of which the wage question is to be considered for next year. The convention of the Flint Glass Workers' Union commences at Canton, O., on next Monday. On the same day District Assembly No. 143, K. of L., consisting of the Western bottle blowers, and District Assembly No. 149, which is the Eastern organization of the bottle blowers, meet in Massillon, O. Both assemblies will meet in the same building, though each will hold a separate meeting. The Independent Druggist Ware League will meet in New York on next Tuesday. On Thursday the conference will be held in this city between the committees of the window glass workers and the manufacturers.


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