Cincinnati Exposition Parade

Hemingray Glass Company was an Advertiser


Publication: The Daily Commonwealth

Covington, KY, United States
vol. II, no. 95, p. 1 - 4, col. 2


THE Covington Light Guards made a very creditable display, yesterday, in the Exposition procession.

THE Covington hotels are not entirely forgotten during the present rush of visitors to the Cincinnati Exposition. Especially have we noticed this in the case of the Ashbrook Hotel, which was last night over crowded.

NEARLY half of Covington went over the river yesterday to see the procession, but the city did little to swell the ranks of the parade. The Covington Light Guard and the Bricklayers' Union, No. 2, were the only organizations, and the only advertisers were the Hemingray Glass Company, P. MacNamara & Co., tobacconists, and the He-No Tea Company. The wagon of the latter company was especially unique, and attracted considerable attention along the line of march.


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