Oakman Lawsuit against partners in failed glass business


Publication: The North Adams Evening Transcript

North Adams, MA, United States
vol. 5, no. 131, p. 8, col. 5


Aged Plaintiff Weeps As He States

His Case

The rest of the day was occupied with the suit of Samuel Oakman against William B. Baldwin and R. A. Burget. This case has to do with a business enterprise in Berkshire village in which the three parties were interested. The three started in business, but the money was expended and Baldwin and Burget refused to put in more. Oakman's share, the patents and machines, were therefore rendered unprofitable. The ad damnum is placed at $40,000. Mr. Oakman was formerly in business in Boston and is now 77 years old. He was so affected yesterday in telling the story of his business misfortune that he couldn't restrain his emotions and shed tears. The case was resumed this morning, when the defense was begun.


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