Oakman Lawsuit against partners in failed glass business


Publication: The North Adams Evening Transcript

North Adams, MA, United States
vol. 5, no. 133, p. 8, col. 3

A Lone Continued Case


The case of Samuel Oakman against William B. Baldwin and R. A. Burget occupied yesterday in the Berkshire superior court, and in the morning Lawyer Charles E. Hibbard, who was a witness, testified to drawing the papers in the agreement between the parties in April, 1897, when the arrangements for the starting of the glass works at Cheshire were consummated between the parties. So far as can be learned none of the papers were ever afterward signed.

An interesting argument ensued during the forenoon session on Mr. Joyner's motion to direct a verdict for the defendants, but Judge Dewey finally decided to allow the jury to find certain facts. The afternoon was consumed in the argument for Mr. Oakman by Mr. Noxon, and Judge Dewey adjourned the court owing to the lateness of the hour, and will charge the jury at the coming in of the court Monday morning.


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