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Publication: The New Hampshire Register Farmers Almanac and Business Directory

White River Junction, VT, United States


LYNDEBOROUGH, HILLSBOROUGH - Pop. 819. S. W. fr. C. 30; S. W. fr. Manchester 16; N. W. fr. Nashua 20. R. R. S. South Lyndeborough on Peterboro R. R.

OFFICERS - Clerk, C. F. Tarbell; Treas. N. T. Mc Intire; Selectmen, C. H. Center, E. E. Lewe, C. N. Perham; Supt. J. Woodward.

Postmasters - North, J. H. Goodrich; South, C. H. Holt; Center, B. J. Boutwell.

Justices - J. H. Tarbell, J. H. Goodrich, N. T. Mc Intire, C. H. Holt, J. A. Johnson, C. F. Tarbell, Martin Whitney.

Churches - Center, Cong., T. P. Sawin; South, Bap., H. G. Smith.

Ins. Co. - Lyndborough Mut. Fire, J. H. Tarbell, Pres.

Manufacturers - bottles and demijohns, Lyndeboro Glass Co.

Mechanics - blacksmith, E. W. Dolliver; South, W. N. Chever; grist and planing mill, A. Butrick; saw and shingle mills, C. B. Holt, Jonathan Stevenson, E. C. Curtis, S. N. Hartshorn.

Merchants - South, C. F. Tarbell; nurseryman, Wm. P. Holt.


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