Pass and Seymour, Syracuse, New York

Fuse Cut-Out

[Trade Journal]

Publication: Electrical Review

New York, NY, United States
vol. 30, no. 20, p. 236, col. 2 - 3

"P. & S." China Junction Box and

Motor Cut-Out.


The accompanying illustration shows one of the latest electrical specialties manufactured by the well know porcelain house of Pass & Seymour, Syracuse, N. Y. It is an all china junction box and motor cut-out. It may be fastened to its support either by lag screws or wood screws, and is suitable for use as a motor cut-out on 500-volt circuits, junction-box transformer, telephone cut-out, outside of buildings on service lines, and in any location where a cut-out is desirable. The service wire may be fastened in one of the eyes as shown in the illustration, thus saving the cost of an insulator.


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The fuse chamber is entirely surrounded by porcelain and is completely divided by means of projections on the plug. It gives plenty of room for the fuse and takes a five-inch fuse. The plug is held in the box by means of the knife contacts shown in the cut, and cannot drop out. The connections will take wire from the smallest to No. 4.


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