General Porcelain Company and four other companies merged to form Porcelain Products


Publication: The Charleston Daily Mail

Charleston, WV, United States
p. 2, col. 3



General Porcelain of Parkersburg

Joins With Other Corporations


PARKERSBURG, July 11. Announcement has been made yesterday of the merger of the General Porcelain Company, of Parkersburg, with four other porcelain companies in West Virginia and Ohio. The merged corporation will be operated as the Porcelain Products Company, Inc. F. E. Owens, vice president of the General Porcelain Company, has been elected vice president and General Manager of the new company.

The company other than the general porcelain included in the merger are the Ravenswood Porcelain Company, of Ravenswood; the Findlay Electric Porcelain Company, of Findlay, O.; the National Porcelain Company and the Federal Porcelain Company of Carey, O.

Consolidation of these five companies, of which the General Porcelain was the largest single unit, will make the Porcelain Products Company, Inc., the largest producers of electric porcelain in the United States.

The capital of the new company will be in excess of two million dollars. Its market is general throughout the United States and other countries in North America. The products manufactured consist of many units used in the insulation of electric carriers, and in other heat resisting manufactured products such as stove linings.

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