Charles H. Cook of Cook Pottery Company compliments fire department


Publication: The Trenton Evening Times

Trenton, NJ, United States
p. 8, col. 2



Charles Howell Cook Times the

Department with Gratifying Results.


Sparks from the chimney ingnited the roof of a small frame house, 174 Jefferson street, owned and occupied by Mrs. Emma Woolverton, at half-past ten o'clock this morning, and an alarm which was turned in from box 26 was responded to by Assistant Chief Allen, with steamers 1, 4 and 5, truck 1 and the chemical. The flames were soon extinguished and the damage will not exceed $10.

Mr. Charles Howell Cook was standing in the office of his pottery when the box was pulled and with three other gentlemen timed the department. Steamer No. 4, the quarters of which are at North Clinton and Olden avenues, fully half a mile away, dashed past in just one and one-half minutes, and equally fast time was made by the other companies.

Mr. Cook was so well pleased with the performance, that he visited the scene of the fire and complimented the men for their quickness and efficiency.


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