H. C. Fry Glass Company, Rochester, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh Glass Exhibit, H. C. Fry exhibit described

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Glassworker

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 44, no. 16, p. 9, col. 1-2



One of the most interesting leaders in the greatest array of new wares ever offered at one time by the H. C. Fry Glass Co., of Rochester, Pa., is the cigarette holder in new design on display in Rooms 541 and 542 at the Fort Pitt. So unusual is the cigarette holder as a department store, tobacco shop or gift ware item that one might suspect the H. C. Fry people of being in conjunction with the cigarette makers to help the sales of their wares. And when Mrs. O'Grady of the Colonel's lady sees one, "Pat" and the Colonel are going to face the problems of another cigarette smoker in the family.

These new cigarette holders are in blown crystal and colored glass and come in six different colors in choice of four styles. Two of the designs have a small base and two have a wide base for use as an ash receiver. Both oval and round designs are included. The new item has a stem upward from the base and the stem has two shapes of container which will hold ten to twenty cigarettes. The manufacture of the holder itself is a feat worthy of mention.

In "Beaver Quality" blown glass in crystal and colors, both plain and twisted optic, there are 12 new shapes in different size flower vases and there are two interesting square vases in emerald and "Golden Glow" glass. In the "Golden Glow" also are candy jars in beehive shape. In refreshment sets there is a reproduction of a Waterford barrel shape in combinations of green and crystal, "Golden Glow" and crystal, and in one color. Long stem goblets in plain and spiral optic design with plain or colored stem and foot or in plain colors also are new productions for 1925. Another new shape in refreshment sets is conical in design and comes in both emerald and "Golden Glow".

In Fry heat-resisting glass there is a glass percolator with aluminum stem and basket and tea sets of teapot and six cups and saucers in four treatments. All the Fry pearl ware is guaranteed against imperfections. The tea sets are offered in choice of pearl, black, Delft blue and jade green handles. The colored handles present a striking contrast to the iridescent pearl body of the glass. Three sizes in different styles of teapots can be had.

In addition to the many useful pieces in Fry pearl ware for combination kitchen and table use, are the "Space-Saver" dishes made in this glass. The patented dishes come in two large compartments and two small compartments which fit into each other and can be used together or separately.


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