Hemingray Glass Company - Muncie, Indiana

McAbee Attends Glass Container Association Convention

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Glass Review

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 46, no. 33, p. 14, col. 1 - 2


The register of those attending the Glass Container Convention in Atlantic City May 5 - 7 showed the following:

J. E. Sharp, Aluminum Seal Co., New Kensington, Pa.; W. J. Crane, American Bottle Co., Toledo; P. C. Doyle, Sterling Smith, and G. H. Werner, American Metal Can Co., Brooklyn; I. R. Stewart, Anchor Cap & Closure Co., Long Island City, N. Y.; E. F. Glacken, Atlantic Bottle Co., New York; B. F. Hazleton and R. L. Kane, Berney-Bond Glass Co., Clarion, Pa.; Percy Brown, Brass Goods Mfg. Co., Brooklyn, P. J. Spindler, Brockway Machine Bottle Co., Brockway, Pa.; L. M. Buck, Buck Glass Co., Baltimore; F. H. Neipling, Buckeye Clay Pot Co., Toledo.

G. F. Rieman, Capstan Glass Co., Connellsville, Pa.; C. G. Hilgenberg and G. F. Lang, Carr-Lowrey Glass Co., Baltimore; J. F. Harrison, Chattanooga Bottle & Glass Co., Chattanooga; P. W. Schofield, Chicago Heights Bottle Co., Chicago Heights, Ill.; F. L. Lloyd, Crown Cork & Seal Co., Baltimore; L. S. Cunningham, D. O. Cunningham Glass Co., Pittsburgh.

W. G. Gundelfinger, Diamond Alkali Co., Pittsburgh; H. L. Dixon, H. L. Dixon Co., Pittsburgh; J. W. King and I. R. MacDonald, Dominion Glass Co., Montreal; R. E. Shively, B. F. Drakenfeld & Co., New York; H. P. Margerum and V. V. Kelsey, Erwin Feldspar Co., Trenton, N. J.; J. H. Rau, Jr., Fairmount Glass Works, Indianapolis; E. J. Gayner, J. M. Gayner, and J. M. Lummis, Gayner Glass Works, Salem, N. J.; Herman Schneider, General Felt Products Co., Brooklyn; S. B. Meyer, Glenshaw Glass Co., Glenshaw, Pa.; F. Gutman, Fredinand Gutman & Co., Brooklyn.

James H. Graham, J. T. & A. Hamilton Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.; F. H. May, Hart Glass Mfg. Co., Dunkirk, Ind.; R. Graham Bailey and Edward Meigh, Hartford-Fairmont Syndicate, London; H. S. Brady, W. H. McClure, and J. S. Algeo, Hazel-Atlas Glass Co., Wheeling; Philip McAbee, Hemingray Glass Co., Muncie, Ind.; S. Frohman and R. W. Whitney, Hinde & Dauch Paper Co., Sandusky; R. M. E. Idred, E. O. Hiller, and G. E. Howard, Hartford-Empire Co., Hartford, Conn.

F. F. Ferguson, W. E. Levis, and A. W. Sherwood, Illinois Glass Co., Alton; C. Parker Levis, Illinois Glass Co., Bridgeton; R. R. Underwood, Knox Glass Bottle Co., Knox, Pa.; F. J. Kress, F. J. Kress Box Co., Pittsburgh; Albert Dial, Laurens Glass Co., Laurens, S. C.; R. M. Lamb, Lamb Glass Co., Mt. Vernon, O.; P. I. Heuisler and E. B. O'Brien, Maryland Glass Corp., Baltimore; J. W. Boyer, Mathieson Alkali Works, New York; G. M. Dunning and B. P. Steel, Michigan Alkali Co., New York; R. E. Walker, Monongah Glass Co., Fairmont.

John C. Dension, National Mortar & Supply Co., Pittsburgh; T. L. Briggs, National Seal Co., Brooklyn; E. L. Miller, Nivison-Weiskopf Co., Reading, O.; Ohio Hydrate & Supply Co., Woodsfield, O.; C. P. Overmyer, Overmyer Mold Co., Winchester, Ind.; W. H. Boshart, James Morrison, E. H. Farmer, and H. G. Phillips, Owens Bottle Co., Toledo; H. L. Lonsdale, Phoenix-Hermetic Co., Chicago; H. C. Herger, Piece Glass Co., Port Allegheny, Pa.; S. T. Stoneman, Columbia Chemical Co.; M. G. Babcock, Refractories Department, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. A. F. Reed and Merton T. Reed, F. E. Reed Glass Co., Rochester; C. J. Root and W. R. Root, Root Glass Co., Terre Haute; J. D. Dilworth, Salem Glass Works, Salem; H. A. Richard, Roessler & Hasslacher Chemical Co., New York; A. C. James, Sheffield Glass Bottle Co., Sheffield, Pa.; E. F. Brundage, H. G. Carrell, and H. F. Merritt, Solvay Sales Corp., New York; H. O. Brawner, Swindell Bros., Baltimore.

R. W. Niver, H. C. Mandeville, and F. L. Collins, Thatcher Mfg. Co., Elmira; C. R. Tips, Three Rivers Glass Co., Three Rivers, Tex.; George B. Arduser, Toledo Mould Co., Toledo; R. E. Walker, Turner Bros., Terre Haute; W. C. Forbes and A. M. Foster, Upland Flint Bottle Co., Marion, Ind.; W. H. B. Whitall, G. S. Bacon, E. S. Thorpe, and J. L. Bacon, Whitall Tatum Co., Millville; R. V. Bradley, Williams Sealing Corp., Decatur, Ill.

P. K. Winslow and A. G. Wright, Winslow Glass Co., Columbus; A. W. Kimes, National Glass Budget, Pittsburgh; W. C. Hirsch, Ceramic Industry, Chicago; J. G. Kaufmann, AMERICAN GLASS REVIEW; I. G. Jennings, S. H. Ayers, E. G. Ackerman, T. L. Bancroft, H. L. Hunter, J. C. Magness, and F. J. Rummel, Glass Container Association, New York.


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