"Hemingray Lehr Loader" Manufactured by Simpson Foundry & Engineering Company, Newark, Ohio

Design Developed in the Hemingray Glass Company Factory, Muncie, Indiana

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Glass Review

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 45, no. 47, p. 1, col. 1



ANNOUNCEMENT is made by the Simpson Foundry & Engineering Co., of Newark, O., that it is able to offer the glassware industry a new and efficient type of lehr loader that will handle all types of glassware that can ride on a flat conveyor. The new loader is called the "Hemingray" from the factory in which it was developed to successful operation.

The Hemingray loader is fully automatic and is not complicated in design. Added to this simplicity, a desirable thing in connection with any equipment, there is the factor of very rugged construction. The Hemingray loader is adaptable to most any type of automatic lehr. All kinds of bottles, jugs, jars, and many types of glassware can be carried from the fabricating machine to the pans of a continuous lehr. It has been found that glassware placed in the lehr with the Hemingray loader is tempered more uniformly and there is less loss at decreased cost than when the ware is handled by hand.

No mechanic is required to operate the loader or to keep it running. A system of powerful cams do the work of moving the various parts and keeping the ware in motion. The push bar which moves the ware into the lehr is a unique part. It raises and clears incoming ware on its return to starting position

With the Hemingray loader, the Simpson Foundry & Engineering Co. couples its improved Simpson conveyor which is adaptable to any desired length or width to either muffle or open fire lehrs. The conveyor is of continuous type and is designed and constructed to give long and steady service. The conveyor has low power consumption, bearings and shafts are large, and all parts are accessible.

The Hemingray loader recently was installed in the Kearns-Gorsuch plant of the Hazel-Atlas Glass Co. at Zanesville, O. The Simpson conveyor is used in pressed and blown glassware factories as well as in bottle and container plants, including the Hocking Glass Co., the Federal Glass Co., the American Bottle Co., the Owens Bottle Co., and the Lamb Glass Co.


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