The Illinois Traction System will replace 30,000 insulators with multipart cemented insulators


Publication: The Decatur Review

Decatur, IL, United States
vol. 29, no. 265, p. 9, col. 4



Will Replace Them With 65

Cent ArticleŚMade in

Three Pieces.

The Illinois Traction system is abandoning the use of about 30,000 insulators that it had to carry its high tension wires. These Insulators were put on when the line was first built and they were used on the recommendation of one of the best electrical experts in the country. They have proved insufficient for the work that is to be done here, were too often cracked and put the entire line to the bad.

The new insulator is described as having three petticoats. It comes in three pieces and these are fastened together with cement. Already they have been placed on the Bloomington-Peoria line and they are in use south of Springfield almost as far as Staunton. They have been at work putting up this new insulator for three months and it will take as much longer to finish the work. In all 70,000 of these will be used and they cost 65 cents each.

At Electrician Hoagland's office it is stated that the new Insulator is an immense help. So far it has not been broken by current or by lightning, though a few of them have been broken by boys throwing rocks and shooting rifles. If one petticoat of the new insulator is broken in any way the other two will carry the high tension load. These insulators are used only for the high tension wires. It is thought that after the system is equipped with them there will be very few shut downs because of line trouble.

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