Glass Container Manufacturers meet, Zimmerman of Hemingray in attendance

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Publication: American Glass Review

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 47, no. 20, p. 14, col. 1-2



MANUFACTURERS and distributors of bottles and containers from all parts of the country, as well as executives of leading equipment and supply houses, gathered in Washington, D. C., on Thursday and Friday of last week for the regular quarterly meeting of the Glass Container Association. All sessions were held in the Mayflower Hotel.

An exceptionally well-balanced program had been arranged and, viewed both from the standpoint of attendance and the splendid spirit of co-operation and interest shown in the organization's activities, the meeting may be ranked as on a par with any of recent years.

The initial session Thursday morning, February 2, was featured by the opening address of Frank Ferguson of the Illinois Glass Co., president of the association, and a talk by K. F. Meyer, consulting expert of the State Board of Health of California, on "The California Canning Inspection Service." J. C. Magness, traffic director, gave his report, followed by a brief discussion of association matters.

Much of the Thursday afternoon meeting was devoted to the presentation of valuable statistical data and information covering production and distribution trends of the past several years in this branch of the industry. J.S. Algeo of the Hazel-Atlas Glass Co., chairman of the statistical committee, reported on the work of that group. E. G. Ackerman of the G. C. A. staff, presented a paper on "Contingencies in Glass House Costs,"' and Fred J. Rummel, also of the G. C. A. staff, gave a comprehensive and most enlightening analysis of prevalent operating conditions. The program for the second session also included addresses by George Roth of the Committee of Economic Research, Harvard University, and C. R. Stevenson, head of the National Association of Cost Accountants. Mr. Roth spoke on "The Business Outlook," and Mr. Stevenson discussed the economic effect of taking business at or below cost.

The members' dinner and entertainment at the Mayflower Thursday evening, the major social event of the gathering, was quite generally acclaimed a success by those present.

F. Harold Van Orman, lieutenant governor of Indiana, was a speaker Friday morning, and W. K. Brownlee, president of the Buckeye Clay Pot Co., gave an intensely interesting and instructive talk on "Glass and Clay."

Activities of the past year in publicity and sales promotion work, launched during 1927 on a far more elaborate scale than ever before, were reviewed by I. R. Stewart, chairman of the publicity committee, at the concluding session Friday afternoon. Results obtained from the window display campaigns staged last year in Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Columbus and other cities, were analyzed, the progress achieved to date in the Home Economics Bureau plan of publicity, adopted several months ago by the association, was discussed, and plans for continued intensive work in this direction were outlined. There were also talks by Howard W. Dickinson, former vice president, George Batton Co., Inc., and Jerry McQuade, vice-president, Topis Publishing Co.

The association has submitled the following list of those in attendance at the meeting:

J. E. Sharp, Aluminum Company of America; W. ]. Crane, American Bottle Co.; P. C. Doyle, C. H. Werner, American Metal Cap Co.; I. R. Stewart, Anchor Cap & Closure Corp.; E. F. Glacken, Atlantic Bottle Co.; E. Arthur Ball, F. C. Ball, Ball Brothers Co.; B. F. Hazelton, R. L. Kane, Avery Wright, Berney-Bond Glass Co.; A. A. McFadden, Brockway Machine Bottle Co.; Roy A. Blunt, Buck Glass Co.; W. K. Brownlee, Buckeye Clay Pot Co.; G. F. Rieman, Capstan Glass Co.; Carl G. Hilgenberg, George T. Lang, Carr-Lowrey Glass Co.; L. S. Cunningham, D. O. Cunningham Glass Co.; F. L. Lloyd, Crown Cork & Seal Co.; W.G. Gundelfinger, George G. Cooper, Diamond Alkali Co.; M. L. Latshaw, Diamond Glass Co.; J. W. King, Dominion Glass Co.; V. V. Kelsey, Erwui Feldspar Co.; John H. Rau, Fairmount Glass Works.

John M. Gayner, J. M. Lummis, Gayner Glass Works; G. W. Meyer, Glenshaw Glass Co., Inc.; James H. Graham, J. T. & A. Hamilton Co.; F. H. May, Hart Glass Mfg. Co.; Roger M. Eldred, James L. Hamill, E. O. Hiller, Hartford-Empire Co.; J. S. Algeo, W. H. McClure, J. H. McNash, Hazel-Allas Glass Co.; W. P. Zimmerman, Hemingray Glass Co.; Harold Boeschenstein, F. F. Ferguson, W. E. Levis, Illinois Glass Co.; G. F. Collins, Liberty Glass Co.; P. I. Heuisler, S. J. Heuisler, L. C. Roche, Dorothea Pundt, Ethel Schulle, Maryland Glass Corp; J. W. Boyer, Mathieson Alkali Co.

G. W. Dunning, B. P. Steele, Michigan Alkali Co.; J. C. Denison, National Mortar & Supply Co.; Paul Muller, National Seal Co.; E. L. Miller, Nivison Weiskopf Co.; W. A. Nester, W. A. Rodgenberg, Obear Nester Glass Co.; Frank O'Neill, W. M. O'Neill, O'Neill Machine Co.; Morton Longnecker, Overmeyer Mould Co.; W. H. Boshart, E. H. Farmer, James Morrison, H. G. Phillips, Owens Bottle Co.; H. C. Berger, Pierce Glass Co.; F. E. Reed, F. E. Reed Glass Co.; J. D. Dilworth, Salem Glass Co.; W, L. Wright, Sealright Co., Inc.; E. F. Brundage, Solvay Process Co.; H. F. Merritt, Solvay Sales Corp.; C. W. B. Hughes, Standard Glass Co.; H. O. Brawner, Swindell Bros.; H. C. Mandeville, R. W. Niver, E. F. Wellinghoff, Thatcher Mfg. Co.; G. K. Arduser, Toledo Mould Co.

C. D. King. R. E. Walker, Turner Glass Co.; E. A. Hinkins, Tygart Valley Glass Co.; W. M. Folger, U. S. Refractories Corp.; W. C. Forbes, Upland Flint Bottle Co.; G. S. Bacon, H. V. Brumley, E. W. Maule, W. H. B. Whitall, Whitall Tatum Co.; R. V. Bradley, G. A. Williams, Williams Sealing Corp.; George Blumenthal, Jr., Ceramic Industry; G. W. Cooper, The Glass Industry, A. W. Kimes, National Glass Budget; Thomas D. O'Keefe, U. S. Traffic Commission; I. G. Jennings, S. H. Ayer, J. C. Magness, K. L. Ford, E. G. Ackerman, F. J. Rummel, N. E. White, F. H. Ward, H. L. Hunter, Glass Container Association; P. R. Bromfield, R. W. Knox, U. S. Advertising Corp.


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