Henry Floy candidate at Public Service Commission


Publication: Orange County Times-Press

Middletown, NY, United States
vol. 16, no. 67, p. 2


Former President of Middletown

Lighting Co. May Have Place Under

Utilities Bill.


Appointments for the new $15,000 jobs on the Public Service Commisssion which were created by the utilities bill, recently signed by Governor Hughes are springing up by the wholesale. The appointments, it is said, will be announced on June 20, and there is much speculation as to who will be the successful candidates. There are five of the commissioners to be selected from New York city, and, among the candidates who appear to be the most probable choice is Henry Floy, formerly president of the Neversink Light and Power Co., and who was also president of the Middletown Lighting Co. for a short time a few years ago.

Mr. Floy is a civil and electrical engineer, with offices at 22 Broadway. He was a classmate of Governor Hughes, at Brown University, and is widely tipped as a probable commissioner. It may be, however, that he will be appointed Chief Engineer, for which office there seems to be no probable candidate, except the present engineer of the Rapid Transit Board.

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