Diamond Flint Glass Company, Montreal, Canada

David Pugh passes away

[Trade Journal]

Publication: American Glass Review

Pittsburgh, PA, United States
vol. 49, no. 18, p. 15, col. 2



Internment services for the late David M. Pugh, veteran bottle factory executive, were held January 29 at Blairsville, Pa. Mr. Pugh, who was 77 years old, died January 25 at his home in Toledo. He was widely known in the bottle trade.

Entering the glass industry as a chimney worker many years ago, Mr. Pugh soon became a bottle worker. For many years he was a factory manager, general manager and president of bottle factories. Among these were the plants at Hyde Park, Blairsville and Everett, Pa.; Cumberland, Md.; Coshocton, O., Montreal, Canada, and elsewhere. For some years, Mr. Pugh had been retired.

Surviving are his wife, four sons, a daughter and two sisters. Funeral services were held at the home in Toledo Tuesday evening, January 28.


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