Samuel Oakman decision in Bankruptcy court


Publication: The Boston Daily Globe

Boston, MA, United States
vol. 8, no. 121, p. 6, col. 1





Re Samuel Oakman. In March last discharge in bankruptcy was refused to the petitioner, who had carried on business as the Boston Bottle Works; and who had kept no cash-book, or at least produced none when the matter was heard. Account books relating to the manufacture of glassware at Somerville and the sale of the same at Boston were shown, but no records other than certain bills receipted of payments of money made in carrying on the business. As there was no certainty that these bills covered all the payments made, the petitioner was adjudged not to have so conformed to law respecting the keeping of account books as to be entitled to a discharge. A petition is now presented asking that the matter may be reopened, a book having been found in the meanwhile whereon petitioner had entered from time to time payments of cash made during the conduct of his business. The Court, upon examination finds that this book does not account for some $6,000 of cash, that it has no record showing when or in what form capital was put into the business, nor whether any was drawn out again; nor is the amount drawn out for personal expenses of petitioner shown. The Court therefore deems this cash account unsatisfactory and not within the demand of the statute. Motion for re-hearing denied. H. W. Paine for bankrupt; C. Robinson, Jr., for objecting creditors.


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