National Insulator Company locates in Hyde Park


Publication: The Boston Daily Globe

Boston, MA, United States
vol. 43, no. 48, p. 9, col. 6


Another New Industry for

Hyde Park.

Quite Trade in Wool Territories and

Australian Have the Call.

Quotations in the Boston, New York

and Chicago Markets.

Hyde Park is having a veritable boom. It is just two weeks ago that THE GLOBE published its exclusive on the safe factory and now another industry is announced. The Standard Glass Insulator Company has taken the old factory near the Readville station of the New York & New England railroad. Work has already begun to get the buildings in suitable order for the manufacture of glass insulators for telegraph, telephone and electric light work.

The factory has been idle for a number of years. It was built over 30 years ago by the Moseley iron works and used by them for the manufacture of iron bridges. It gave employment to about 200 workmen and its products were used by the railroads in all parts of New England. In 1871 this company was merged into the New England Iron Company, which operated the plant for three years. In 1874 it failed, the machinery was sold and for several years the factory remained idle. Previous to locating on River st. the Boston Gossamer Company used it for a time, but it was not suited for their purpose and rather than make the necessary improvements they built their new factory.

The factory is within easy reach of two railroads. The buildings are in excellent condition, considering the length of time they have been built. Water power is close at hand, and every convenience is provided in order to carry on a prosperous industry. The company has secured a most advantageous location, and the town will be a large gainer by the reopening of this factory.


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