Hemingray strike from 1901 mentioned

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Third Biennial Report of the Indiana Labor Commission

Indianapolis, IN, United States
p. 11,29, col. 1





The Hemingray Glass Factory, Muncie, employing about 300 persons, was closed on Tuesday, May 7, by a strike of 135 boys. On the morning of the day before a demand was made of the management for a wage increase of 10 cents per day. Mr. Hemingray met the boys as they were leaving the factory, and, on the impulse of the moment, granted the increase, which meant an extra expenditure of about $5,000 for the year. The boys returned to work, but at 10 o'clock on the same day they demanded an additional increase of 10 cents per day, which was refused by the management, and the lads walked out, closing down the plant. During the period of idleness many fights occurred among the lads, and several were arrested. Mr. Hemingray made the statement to the Labor Commission that under no circumstances would he make another increase, and that the boys would have to loaf awhile, after which they would again return to work.

On May 20 the strike was settled by the lads returning to work at the manager's terms.


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