The Johnson and Phillips oil insulator finding wide acceptance

[Trade Journal]

Publication: The Electrical Engineer - London

London, England
vol. 5, p. 15, col. 1

JOHNSON AND PHILLIPS.ŚMessrs. Johnson and Phillips have been exceedingly busy in all departments of their works for many months past. The principal increase has been in electric lighting work, and they are just completing Kapp alternate-current plants for three central stations, one for the Metropolitan Company in London, another for Keswick, and a third for Hong-Kong. The growth of orders for the "Brockie-Pell" arc lamp has been remarkable, and they are coming in from all parts of the world, thus showing the high estimation in which it is held. One of the largest installations in London for these lamps is for the General Post Office, where 76 are to be placed in the sorting-rooms ; another is for the lighting of the streets of Hong-Kong, whilst several more large lots are being supplied to the trade in various parts of the world.

The patent liquid insulator has been in great demand during the year for overhead electric light wires, and large numbers have been shipped to all parts. It is remarkable how quickly electric light engineers have availed themselves of this valuable insulator, whereas telephone companies, to whom it would be equally valuable, have only adopted it in one or two instances where unusual difficulties existed. The "cross talk" so much complained of in London would almost entirely disappear if these insulators were generally employed. The outlook for 1890 is extremely encouraging, and the works will start the year in full swing in every department.


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